Decorative fences, gates and railings - steel production – anchoring elements

We produce and mount the following:

  • as desired by a customer (straight, bent, spatial  )
  • electrically powered gates or gates without propulsion
  • as a standard, we produce 8 types of fences with the following dimensions: height – 70 cm and 90 cm; length – 100 cm and 200 cm
  • Material: jäkl profile, pipes, flat, round and square steel profiles
  • Low weight (14 kg – 18 kg/2 m)
  • psurface treatment:
    • a) without a surface treatment
    • b) hot-dip zinc coated
    • c) coloured (including platinising)
    • d) hot-dip zinc coated and coloured
Some examples of decorative forged steel fences.

Examples of fence models:

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Ukážka realizácií kovových ozdobných kovaných brán.

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Náš sortiment zahŕňa jednak rôzne interiérové schodiskové zábradlie, exteriérové balkónove ( lodžiové ), vonkajšie shcodištné zábradlia.

Balkónové zábradlia:

Schodiskové zábradlia - interiérové exteriérové:


Except for the above products we also offer decorative window grids which fulfil aesthetic, as well as protective function, but we also produce different kinds of grids protective grids for securing various kinds of rooms, warehouses, offices etc.

Decorative and protective grids: