Decorative fences, gates and railings - steel production – anchoring elements

Welcome to the website of KTR Steel s.r.o.

The company KTR Steel s.r.o., Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia was founded in the beginning of 2006. The company started with production of road signs posts, portable barriers and other products required by Dutch road builders. Subsequently, the range of products expanded by decorative steel fences, gates and railings, anchoring elements, stands, steel structures and custom made products for domestic companies and individuals as well as EU markets.

Výrobná halaProduction of stands, poles, steel structures etc. was a result of natural production expansion process following the needs of the rising Slovak market. Steel structures are produced in accordance with a supplied drawing documentation with maximum dimension of profiles of 240 mm. The length of road sign poles produced is between 2.0 m - 4.3 m.